Clipping the Wings of a Social Butterfly

Clipping the Wings of a Social Butterfly

We are heading into our second week of social distancing and as a social butterfly, the hardest thing for me to do is not be around people all of the time. My job requires that I keep everyone informed, up to date and entertained. It is the latter that I feel is pulling on me really hard these days.

I am on the air, so obviously I am still working, getting up, getting the kids ready to go to my folk’s house for the day. Where they will do their online school work, led by my mother, a retired K-5 teacher. I have been telling my boys for years that this woman is hardcore and the sweet grandmother that they know is not the woman who raised me. After a week at “Bee Bee’s school of higher learning”, they have finally met the woman that raised me. See, you do learn something new every day!

I must say that I am very amused by all of the memes going around on social media. I am also a little bit jealous because I didn’t get to experience “homeschooling 101” first hand. There are so many but one of my favorites came from my cousin Kim…

Let me just go on record to say, I was raised by a teacher and both of my siblings are teachers, I am not cut from that same cloth of patience and the ability to hold one’s tongue in high-pressure situations. I have always had a healthy respect for teachers, even though I was in trouble for talking every day of my school career. The way my children’s schools jumped into action and got everyone online within a day was simply amazing.

As most of those around were working from home, I was working from the studio and home as well. My job doesn’t stop when I get off the air. It usually involves community work and tons of social media. For obvious reasons, the community work was curbed, but social media was ramped up. Not only was my fan page overrun with stories, politics, blame, fear and memes, I also receive notifications from the station pages.

I decided that I needed to do a little social media distancing for 48 hours. Over the weekend, I decided to take a breather. I deactivated my account for two days. In that time I got two 5 mile walks in, some yoga, meditation and I even built up my home studio.

I took the time, to enjoy time with my kids this weekend. In addition, I was able to stock up on that aggravation everyone was posting memes about. I even came away with some doozies of conversation starters from my boys.

So, for now, this social butterfly is rejuvenated and ready for what this week throws at us. Be sure to download the Diva’s Dish podcast on the right side of the website. You will be the first to know about the aforementioned doozies and also enjoy the previous episodes.

Sherí Taylor

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