I’m back after a little regrouping!

I’m back after a little regrouping!

After a little me time, downtime and planning my next move #fullsteamahead I decided to rebrand my blog to encompass my brand… which, not to sound full of myself, is me.

What would seem like a “no brainer” to anyone else finally came to me in those moments of silence I finally took for myself.

I give talks on being your own brand, I have spent 20 plus years in radio creating my own brand … and yet with my writing, I tried to be clever and go with a “catchy name” something that would roll off the tongue.

What I didn’t bank on was that it was long blog title— “Where This Road Leads” and to google it would have you coming up with song titles, directions, and Yelp reviews.

When push comes to shove I want people to look for and find my work and not have it lost in a sea of near misses on search engines.

Sherí Taylor

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