Make Moments into Memories

Make Moments into Memories

It is no big secret that I love the ocean, it is a form of therapy for me. Whenever something is weighing heavy on me, I think about the ocean, meditate to my Rain Rain App and even head to the shore if I can.

Work, life, current relationships, past mistakes, and even future endeavors have been piling in on me. A great friend of mine asked if I’d like to join her at her family’s beach house. My kids are with their dad for the week and it took about three seconds for me to answer with a very loud yes!

Sometimes the best getaway is an unplanned one. No timetable, no schedule, just going with the flow. My everyday life is overscheduled and I wouldn’t have it any other way, However, it is nice to just slow things down a bit, or rest altogether. Apparently, my reset button is found by the ocean.

I spend my days in a radio studio, and I would be a bit of a hypocrite if I didn’t believe that music is constantly speaking to your soul. So many songs define the mood or emotions that I am wrapped up in. The song that helps me relax and envision the ocean is God of Ocean Tides by The Counting Crows. First of all, it mentions two of my favorite places, California and Carolina and secondly the line

Carry me south, to the sea
Along with your memories of me
We are born in the water
Now we return to Thee…

is like the ocean calling to me, saying it has always been a part of me. Now that life-giving water is drawing me back to her shores.

So here I am for a few days hoping to unplug from my phone, stop trying to decipher what text and confusing emojis mean. It is time to make unexpected memories and recharge my batteries for those future endeavors.

Counting Crows – God Of Ocean Tides (Lyric Video)

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