Being “Over” Quarantine… but Murder Hornets and Mullets are on The Horizon.

Being “Over” Quarantine… but Murder Hornets and Mullets are on The Horizon.

When we are talking about the news of the weird, and it begins with breaking out of quarantine it must be Monday. Just to prove how “Monday” today can be, despite the 85-degree day, the broadcast kicked off with a few glitches and ends in murder.

Now that I have your attention, we are talking a 2-inch buzzing murderous threat heading our way just to add to our fear of going outside.

Murder Hornets are not some bad movie plot… they are very real and very dangerous to honey bees and ultimately the environment.

One thing I fear more than “Murder Hornets” is mullets making a come back. Apparently, I am not alone, Google searches were up 124% this past week with people researching the best way to cut a mullet. Notice I did not say “maintain a mullet.”

Even my curly hair needs intervention at this point. Well, I’ve been wanting to grow it back out for a while, it looks like the Universe just handed that one to me on a silver platter.

Ask Me Anything … Murder Hornets, Mullet Cuts & Being Over Quarantine.

We have a bad case of the “Mondays” here but we are saying better late than never because we will talk about Quarantine Quitters, Murder Hornets, and Home Mu…

Sherí Taylor

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